Traditional Braised Beef

Traditional Braised Beef with dumplings

Traditional Braised Beef is delicious dish called “Svíčková”. It is is one of the best-known creations of Czech cuisine. It is made with sirloin boiled or roasted with vegetables (carrots, parsley root, celeriac, and onion), spiced with black pepper, juniper, allspice, bay leaf which lend the dish bold flavours.

Traditional Braised Beef is one of the top ten Czech meals.

All roasted together, then vegetables and gravy are gathered, mashed/mixed with sour double cream and reduced or thickened then blended for smooth sauce. It is generally served with bread dumplings (houskové knedlíky), whipped cream and cranberry sauce.

The recipe for this traditional dish first appeared in 1805. It was heavily influenced by Bavarian cuisine and traditional French cooking techniques.

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