Czech Cellist František Brikcius

Solo cello recital

We would like to join the celebration of the International Day of Translations and the World Day of the Navy by presenting of Czech and

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Beer garden

Opening Soon

Opening soon People in England can look forward to visiting pubs and restaurants before summer according to the roadmap – but from what date will

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Traditional Braised Beef with dumplings

Traditional Braised Beef

Traditional Braised Beef is delicious dish called “Svíčková”. It is is one of the best-known creations of Czech cuisine. It is made with sirloin boiled

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Marinated camembert

Marinated cheese

Marinated Cheese or Nakládaný Hermelín in Czech language, is a spicy cheese, usually type of brie or camembert, marinated in oil. Marinated Cheese is one

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kureci rizek

Pork schnitzel

Pork schnitzel aka “Řízek” is the Czech version of the famous Austrian Wiener schnitzel, consisting of thin, tenderized pieces of meat that are coated in

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Beef goulash

Beef Goulash

Goulash is prevalent in many variations throughout Central Europe. The most famous version of goulash comes from Hungary. It’s a thin soup with pork or

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Potato pancake chicken

Potato pancake

A Czech potato pancake is called bramborák (from brambor, potato) and it is made of grated potatoes with egg, breadcrumbs or flour and seasoning (salt,

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