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Traditional Braised Beef with dumplings

Traditional Braised Beef

Traditional Braised Beef is delicious dish called “Svíčková”. It is is one of the best-known creations of Czech cuisine. It is made with sirloin boiled

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Marinated camembert

Marinated cheese

Marinated Cheese or Nakládaný Hermelín in Czech language, is a spicy cheese, usually type of brie or camembert, marinated in oil. Marinated Cheese is one

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Pork schnitzel

Pork schnitzel aka “Řízek” is the Czech version of the famous Austrian Wiener schnitzel, consisting of thin, tenderized pieces of meat that are coated in

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Beef goulash

Beef Goulash

Goulash is prevalent in many variations throughout Central Europe. The most famous version of goulash comes from Hungary. It’s a thin soup with pork or

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Potato pancake chicken

Potato pancake

A Czech potato pancake is called bramborák (from brambor, potato) and it is made of grated potatoes with egg, breadcrumbs or flour and seasoning (salt,

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Roasted duck dumplings

Roasted Duck

In the Czech Republic, roasted duck is known as “pečená kachna”. The duck is usually seasoned with salt, caraway seeds and sweet red paprika only.

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