Ministry of Comedy

Ministry of Comedy is back, and we’re bringing the laughter to town like never before! Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ministry of Comedy

Our incredible lineup features some of the most amazing comedians in the town. Lucia will be taking the stage as our MC.

Every first Friday of the month

Is a low energy London cabbie who will take you on a journey to joy, Euphoria and Cockfosters. Cockney wisdom and lots of fun. Review “a breath of fresh air” (passenger who asked Doug to open the window)

Derya Yildirim
A joker in disguise, she thinks she May not be the funiest of them all but she strongly believes she is the styliest of them all and doesn’t want to share her self-aclaimed title with anyone! She shouts, “move over bitches! It is mine mine mine!” Ha ha ha ha!

Jacqui Stevens Doherty
Award winning Tik Toker at The National Social Media Awards 2023
This Grandmother doesn’t knit or bake cakes , she’d rather be on stage telling funnies.

John Gadsden
“One liners galore and more. From safe and cheesy to damn right uneasy. If disinterest and cynicism were a person, this is who you’d get. What a treat”.

Phillip Pip Reiss
The Joker in a Jacket. Having the face of a hundred celebrities does little to help survival through a certain mid-life crisis.

Liz Bains
Semi-finalist Funny Women Awards 2023. She brings her polite frustrations with every day life to the stage.

Chas Langston
Is a young, Cool and Handsome comedian… he ain’t, he’s a man who lies about his age looks and his credibility. Come check him out and see for yourself self.


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