Potato pancake

Potato pancake chicken

A Czech potato pancake is called bramborák (from brambor, potato) and it is made of grated potatoes with egg, breadcrumbs or flour and seasoning (salt, pepper, most importantly garlic and marjoram; sometimes ground, cracked or whole caraway seeds) and is served as it is. Usually it is deep fried on pan or large variety baked on tray in oven.

Czech potato pancake recipes are unique for their garlicky and marjoram infused taste

Some regional versions blend in dough, sauerkraut or sliced smoked meat. The same potato dough is used also as coating of fried pork chop called Kaplický řízek.

We are using it with different toppings, like versions with cheese or simply sauerkraut or spicy chicken stir fry with cheese on the top.

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